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Studio One-Fifty offers a wide range of design services for your commercial space. It is our goal to develop design solutions that will embrace and encourage your brand identity, and provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing interior environment that promotes a positive experience. Combining a wide range or creative and technical skills, we will work alongside the client, architect, engineers and contractors to develop a successful commercial experience.

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It is our belief that in order to create a cohesive and integrated commercial experience, we must tackle all aspects of the project under one roof - from the development of floor plans and millwork drawings, to the design of signage and merchandising within your space.

Studio One-Fifty will oversee your project from conception, through all phases of construction, to ensure our vision is brought to life.


technical construction drawings

millwork/furniture design + drawings

3D renderings

selection of finishes + furnishing

signage design + working drawings

project management

let's chat!

We appreciate and encourage the uniqueness of each clients needs for commercial interior design services - get in touch to find out more about our design process and experiences!

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