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Welcome to the Studio:

a  peek inside!

Hello everyone!

I'm Amanda, the heart and soul behind

Studio One-Fifty. I'm so excited you're here, joining us on our design adventure!

We are a interior design studio that focuses on interior renovations, residential additions / construction, custom homes, retail stores & commercial spaces. Our studio believes in creating spaces that enhance the way you live, work, shop and eat.

Let me share a quick story.

Studio One-Fifty isn’t just a name -

it’s where it all began.

In our 500 square foot apartment, with the number 150 on the door. During a time of intense uncertainty washing over the world (shoutout to the global pandemic), when the future was hazy, a vision sparked. The gloomy days turned to optimistic nights, pushing us to shrug off self-doubt, imposter syndrome and jobs that dulled our sparkle and passion.

The name "Studio One-Fifty" isn't merely words; it embodies the leap of faith we took, an ode to our beginnings, no matter where the tide takes us. And though we've since relocated, that symbolic '150' etches deep in our hearts.

I’ve always been crazy about the power of interior design. From comfy homes to trendy stores, I've had my hand in creating all sorts of spaces. You might even recognize some of the brands I’ve worked with, like David's Tea, Aldo Shoes and Lush Cosmetics, to name a few!

So, what can you expect here?

Fun design tips and educational pieces, stories from my journey, and a peek into different styles from around the world. And yes, there might be a bit of Italian flavour sprinkled in – I can't help it, I love my Italian roots!

Most of all, I want this blog to feel like a chat between friends. No fancy jargon, just real talk about making places look and feel awesome, while remaining functional for your everyday needs.

Got ideas or questions? Jump into the comments. Tell me what you want to see or learn about. And if you like what you read, give it a thumbs up or share it with your pals.

Here's to making every space tell a unique story. Welcome to the Studio One-Fifty family!

Warmest Regards,

Amanda Gabany



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